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Tailor-Made Training

Consider a personal trainer for an individualized exercise regime for success.

“Personal training is personality-driven and that is what makes it work. You really have to match client and trainer.”- Martha Coopersmith

Many health professionals incorporate fitness programs in their programming because integrating physical activity into as many attributes of daily living as possible can contribute to many physiological, psychological and social benefits. It is apparent that physical activity is necessary to preventive disease management, wellness, and employee productivity.

Little is recognized about the specific types of programs that can be rewarding in promoting significant long-term changes in behaviour, when it is clear that physical activity programs are an important part of health and weight management.

Something for Everyone

            Personal training used to be only for the rich or for elite athletes. But currently, with the health and wellness benefits of exercise so firmly identified, personal training has become a more customary way for people of all fitness levels and budgets to get the most out of their exercise programs.

Most of personal trainers has to do with encouraging someone to exercise better or more on their own. Many people engage with personal trainer because they feel that they cannot commence or continue exercising by themselves. Personal training is a good opportunity for almost anyone interested in relishing the benefits of exercise. Personal training not only demands people to exercise but also encourages and reassures them to get control of their body and achieve fitness goals. A personal trainer is a coach, a teacher, a motivator, a part-time psychologist and part-time nutritionist.

Choose Wisely

            It is significant to mention that finding the correct personal trainer is necessary. Deciding a personal trainer is like selecting a lawyer. You do not want to go to the first person you see. Interview a handful and ensure that they are certified. Do not prefer and favour someone just because they have genetically large muscles.The most particular important qualification a personal trainer can and should have is a certification from a credible and valid organization. It does not only guarantees a basic level of knowledge about exercise and fitness but also about safety.

People who wants to engage a personal trainer should take their research and inquiry a step beyond just establishing the trainer’s credentials and learn what his or her particular and distinct certification means. Peopleneed to think precisely about the style and personality that will work best for them when choosing a personal trainer. Some people want someone who will entertain and interest them and take their mind off exercise. Others want a serious trainer. But all clients want results and are entitled to them at the end of the day.

Clients-to-be also need to think about the trainer’s aim and objective. Some target completely on fitness goals such as body fat, strength and weight and fat loss. Others look at the whole person, which includes fitness, relieving of stress and nutrition. Credible personal trainers also should have references such as CPR training and liability insurance. A good personal trainer should determine an exercise regime based on a client’s goals, likes and dislikes, while keeping in mind his or her exercise fitness background and medical history.

It is necessary upon the personal trainer to adjust and modify routines as the client’s fitness progresses. Progression is important. The benefit of personal training is to keep you motivated and encouraged to do more than what you might do on your own. It is the responsibility and obligation of the personal trainer to move on from the plateau.

Getting Specific

            While most people engage personal trainers to guide them exercise more efficiently and effectively, there is a thriving trend in the field for specialty training in specific sports such as golf, tennis, and triathlons. Personal training can also be a good idea for the elderly and those with specific health issues such as people who are diabetic, asthmatic or high blood pressure.

No matter what kind personal training you prefer, it is important to make sure your goals are being met – particularly because sessions can be costly. Prices can vary depending on qualifications, experience and demands for specific trainer. The cost highlights why it is important to find the appropriate and suitable trainer. You don’t want someone who just counts the number of repetitions you are doing. The trainer needs to be accommodating, considerate and understand you.

Shafiq Samat

by Shafiq Samat

Shafiq focuses on fat loss, muscle growth, functional and sports specific training for both team and individual sports. He is a graduate of Republic Polytechnic in holding a diploma in Sports Science and recently graduated from Edith Cowan University (ECU) with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He is also a certified Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) by Changi General Hospital. Formerly a Fitness Instructor under Fitness Training and Sports Academy (FiTSA), conducting remedial trainings for NSMen who failed their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT). He creates and conducts workout programs for people with diabetes, obesity, asthmatic, high blood pressure and other medical conditions. Shafiq keeps himself busy by constantly upgrading himself with courses to keep up with the latest trend in Sports and Fitness. He also updates himself with the latest technology and research in sports especially relating to sports performance and rehabilitation.