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How awesome is the deadlift

personal trainers singapore

By Shafiq Samat

(BSc Exercise and Sports Science, Dip. Sports and Exercise Science, Crossfit Level 1, Exercise is Medicine Singapore)

In our everyday lives, from the grocery store, to moving a piece of furniture, to picking up heavy boxes and child up off the floor, we always do a functional movement that many people may not be doing in proper form. In the long run, without the proper posture, injuries can occur and it is something that we should not take it lightly. There are a few exercises that can help with this making you more efficient in your movements and lessen the injuries, however there is one in particular that I swear by.   What exercise am I talking about? It’s the deadlift.

As you develop proper technique for the deadlift, it becomes a habit and a routine when picking up objects in real life. The way you lift objects and doing other basic every day tasks will all effectively and definitely improve. They are also one of the most effective and practical exercises for building up general size and strength onto your frame in the shortest amount of time. For these reasons and more, the deadlift should undeniably be included as a core lift in your workout routine, unless you have a specific limitation that restricts and hinders you from performing them.

Can you build a remarkable and awe-inspiring body without them? Well, of course you can, but before you turn away, here are 5 awesome benefits of deadlifts you should know.

1)One exercise. Many muscle groups targeted. The deadlift will work you from your fingers all the way to your toes, engaging the use of several major muscle groups. Doing sets of deadlifts will heavily and massively activate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, lats, traps, abdominals and forearms/grip, along with some of the smaller muscle groups as well. No other exercise will train as long a list of individual muscles as efficiently as the deadlift will.

2)No other exercise build the upper back mass as great as the deadlift. The single most direct way to create the appearance of a wide, muscular upper body is in the development of your upper back and shoulders. A basic barbell deadlift is the most effective lift out there for packing mass onto your mid-back and trapezius.

3)A highly functional lift. The strength that you develop as a result of deadlifting carries over to real world performance to a far greater degree than bench presses, barbell curls or side lateral raises.

4)Strengthens the posterior chain. The posterior chain includes the calves, hamstrings, glutes and lower back. The development of these muscles not only reduces the chances of injury to the lumbar area and hamstrings, but it also plays a huge role in speed development and athletic performance.

5)Helps to improve overall posture and prevent injuries. By strengthening the lower back and abdominals, deadlifts can naturally improve the positioning of your spine. The lower back is an area that is especially susceptible to injury, largely due to poor posture and excessive slouching throughout the day. Consistent deadlifting can help prevent this.   Many people believe (incorrectly) that deadlifts will pose the risk of injury to the lower back, however they’ll actually have the opposite effective if done properly. So start working on those deadlifts today!


deadlifts personal trainer singapore

Feel free to ask me questions @ 9088 9498 or email PT@radiancephysiofit.com.sg.

Shafiq Samat

by Shafiq Samat

Shafiq focuses on fat loss, muscle growth, functional and sports specific training for both team and individual sports. He is a graduate of Republic Polytechnic in holding a diploma in Sports Science and recently graduated from Edith Cowan University (ECU) with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He is also a certified Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) by Changi General Hospital. Formerly a Fitness Instructor under Fitness Training and Sports Academy (FiTSA), conducting remedial trainings for NSMen who failed their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT). He creates and conducts workout programs for people with diabetes, obesity, asthmatic, high blood pressure and other medical conditions. Shafiq keeps himself busy by constantly upgrading himself with courses to keep up with the latest trend in Sports and Fitness. He also updates himself with the latest technology and research in sports especially relating to sports performance and rehabilitation.